Social Automation Guide

"This guide will teach you how to automate your social media marketing. Write once publish everywhere."

Why do you need this?

Social media marketing is hard and it can take a lot of time. This guide will help you to set up smart automatic flows to save you time with your social media marketing.
No you don't need any knowledge of code.

$29,75 - $9,75

What will you learn

  • Automatically create social posts from your blog

  • Create social media posts from a single article

  • Automatically create social posts from your podcast

  • Post to one social media profile and share it everywhere in different formats, automatically

  • Write a quote or tip and automatically share it on your social media profiles

  • Share your tweets in the form of an image to your Instagram profiles

  • Have a nice image shared on Twitter whenever you post to Instagram, instead of just a link

  • Automatically post to your social channels whenever you create a new product (Shopify)

  • Generate good looking social images in the style of your brand

$29,75 - $9,75

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